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3 Ways of Enhancing the Security of Your E-Commerce Platform

In the 21st century, cybercrime is the primary threat to many e-commerce platforms and online stores.

Unlike olden days, people are turning to virtual shopping. No one is willing to walk to a store and queue for hours. All they want is to receive their shopping at the doorstep or pick them up at a nearby picking point. By this, it is enhancing convenience as one can shop at any time. However, fraudsters are not left out.

As the customers’ purchasing habits and methods shift, they too are innovating new ways to earn their daily bread. Cyber-attacks have been on the increase for the last few years leading to loss of revenue to both businesses and customers. For this reason, you need to assure your customers that their data is secure for them to trade with your store. Here are 3 ways you can do this:

Ensure the e-commerce platform is PCI DSS compliant

Certainly, you will be processing credit/debit card payments. As you know, customers are not ready to carry liquid cash. Even though it was so, it is hard to transact with cash online. For a customer to freely transact with you, they must be certain that no one will interfere with their cards. Ensuring your platform of choice is PCI DSS compliant is one of the ways to boost their trust. The PCI DSS ensures that your card processing is secure. Hence, hackers cannot succeed in their attempts to steal your customers’ credit card information.

Use encryptions in all business dealings

In this era, encryption is becoming an essential tool in data security. Encryption allows you to exchange data over insecure networks without any chances of hacking or interference. As an entrepreneur, you should ensure your e-commerce platform will enable you to encrypt your information exchanges. This information includes emails, transactions, orders, and any data you might transfer or exchange with customers. Remember, the fraudsters can utilize any opening to facilitate their goals. Hence, you must ensure no such opening is available.

Ask your customers to use strong passwords

While you have the higher responsibility of securing your customers, they too have a role to play. As part of your customers’ requirements, you should ensure they have an opportunity to create passwords. Also, ensure the password created is strong. By this, you will improve your ability to keep their information secure. Hence, go for an e-commerce platform that enables you to have this aspect.

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